Personalised skin care treatments

Encore Beauty Studio offer professional skin and body services and have been partnered with Sothys and Mayerling for 15yrs. We would like to welcome you to experience our extended range of treatments and services.


Sothys Institute Skin Treatments

Sothys Institute Skin Treatments have been developed to revitalise function of skin health. Each individual treatment specifically targets all skin concerns. Our professionally trained Sothys therapists will assess your concerns and choose the appropriate treatment. All treatments are assisted by the added element of vaporzone and specific massage techniques for the face, neck, shoulder and décolletage.

Express Hydration

An express facial suitable for clients with limited time. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating massage and masque.

  • Express Hydration $95/45mins

Ampoule Skin Treatment

Personally prescribed ampoule formulation for specific skin conditions leaves the skin deep cleansed and refreshed.

  • Ampoule Skin Treatment $120/75mins

Pro Youth BP3 Tri Complex

Improve radiance, firmness, wrinkles and density with the benefit of BP3 Tri Complex of
Saffron- Sophora- Peptides. These 3 actives stimulate all of the skins regenerating systems.
By peeling, a unique massage and a double mask. The skin is rejuvenated and hydrated.

  • $175

Hydra 3Ha

Intensive moisture experience for the skin. Using a triple helix Hylauronic acid delivery system with a special six-phase protocol. The skin is plumped and re-hydrated.

  • 75 mins $165
  • Course of 3 $445

Detox Energie tm

Protect against pollution and premature aging. Active ingredients of Organic Elderberry, detoxifying Peptides and Organic Siberian Ginseng Root extract improve biological and cellular function in the skin. Working against environmental stresses Detox Energie tm rebalances, revitalizes and restores tired complexions.

  • $170

Soothing Spa

Designed to neutralize sensitive reactive skins.
Spa Thermal Water is an active ingredient to rebalance and
hydrate hyper sensitive skins. Formulated to respect the sensitivity
of all skins.

  • 60 mins $150
  • Course of 3 $375

[‘W’] Plus Brightening

Program for sun damaged skin. An active ingredient preparation of AHA and BHA combined with a double exfoliating Papaya Peel.This treatment targets pigmentation and fine lines leaving the skin with a brighter and healthier appearance.

  • 75 mins $160
  • Course of 3 $430

Cosmeceutique Rx Peeling

A targeted program for aging skin creating optimal corneal exfoliation and oxygenation, resulting in a pronounced radiance and firmness of the skin.

  • 30 mins $140
  • Course of 6 $790

Lactic Pro Peel

Lactic Acid 50%(pH2.8) encourages stimulation of cellular turnover and cell renewal at an increased rate, encouraging natural collagen production to diminish fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin with increased tone and hydration.

  • 30 mins $150
  • Course of 4 $550

Perfecting V-ShapeTreatment

Inspired by Thread Lift techniques commencing at the décolletage and lifting to the cheekbones.
Specifically designed to preserve a youthful face and décolletage

  • 45mins $85

Whenever people ask me how I’m ageing so well, I tell them, “It’s Jo magic!” I do no skincare except have facials once a month … for the last 20 years. Not only do they keep the wrinkles at bay, but those precious hours of me-time at Encore Beauty are the highlight of my month.

Deborah Grunfeld

Jo has an informed understanding about skin, Sothy’s products and her facials are nourishing and very relaxing.

Marilyn McMullen

Jo has given my brows the wow factor, she is a perfectionist

Susanna Martinez

Great beautician. Jo and her team are really friendly and experienced. It’s great that you can now book online as well.

Sarah L

I have found Jo to be very competent and passionate beauty therapist with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Jo will go the extra mile to get to the root of your skincare problems. I highly recommend the light treatment for ageing skin.

Suzanna S

Wonderful results with Jo at Encore! Jo’s recommendation of Mayerling Peels has made such a difference to my skin appearance and texture. Thank you Jo!

Carole Cast

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to make an appointment before?

    I have found Jo to be a very competent and passionate beauty therapist with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Jo will go the extra mile to get to the root of your skincare problems.

  • How do I buy Sothys product online?

    We are located at Suite 3/3 Grosvenor St, Neutral Bay NSW 2089.

  • What are opening hours?

    We open at 9:30 am till 7pm from Tuesday to Thursday, 9:30am to 6pm on Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.